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(Updated June 2016)


5 Facts about Schoolboy Choir

1. The band’s name is a private joke. It involves a choir tryout Fox, Noah, Abe, and David were forced to attend as students, and where the four of them first met. What happened at that tryout is still legendary among the students who came up after them, and infamous among the teachers. (You find out all about it in Rock Courtship, Sep 30th, but I’ll tell you now that it involved a very dirty song and the clutching of pearls.)

2. At the instant their initial hard rock single hit the airwaves, the four of them were sitting in a diner, eating burgers for lunch before they returned to their jobs (Fox and David were hauling furniture for a moving company at the time, while Noah was working construction, and Abe had a job playing piano at a fancy country club. Some free advice: Don’t ever ask Abe about that if you value your skin. Seriously.)

3. None of them slept the night of their first—sold out—concert. They were so pumped that they partied till dawn, and David, the “Gentleman of Rock” woke up covered in fake tattoos that looked so real the others had him believing he’d gone under the needle while drunk. At least until he stepped into the shower and the tattoos started to wash off.

4. Their first music video was shot partly in the tiny apartment the four shared while trying to break into the music business.

5. Fox, Abe, David, and Noah are family. They might fight, might get pissed with one another at times, but when push comes to shove, they stick together. That sense of family, of friendship, has held them together through all the crap that comes with fame. Each man knows he can rely on the others, no matter what.[/showhide]

Interview with the Rock Kiss book cover photographer

This interview with photographer Jenn LeBlanc of Studio Smexy was completed just prior to the shoot for Rock Hard. I planned to ask Jenn some follow up questions re: the Rock Redemption cover shoot before we posted this interview, but thanks to an unexpected set of circumstances, I got to attend the photo shoot for Kit and Noah’s book, so you’ll be getting some direct behind the scenes information soon!

Tell us about Jenn! Where are you based?

In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains at a mile high in Denver, Colorado!

How did you get into romance cover photography?

This is a long story, I’ll try to nip it. I fell into it backward because my book was illustrated, and the images in it struck a chord with authors who saw it and wanted the same quality of photography for their books.

Behind the scenes at the Rock Redemption cover shoot!

Location Photographs: Rock Hard





Location Photographs: Rock Addiction

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