Behind the Scenes: the Psy/Changeling Series

(Updated September 2022)

This is the page where we’ll be adding behind-the-scenes material on the Psy/Changeling series. I decided to separate it out as there are possible *spoilers* in there. If you’d like a particular question answered, drop me an email. I’ll try to get to all questions that come in (dependent on deadlines)!

Chronological Order

There is a slight difference between the published order and the chronological order of the stories in the series when it comes to the novellas. I tend to write my novellas about secondary characters who were introduced in previous books – and quite often, this leads to the novella being set back in time.

Behind the Scenes

I’ve always been fascinated by psychic powers, by the idea that we might have unawakened abilities inside of us. Experiments have shown that humans use only a tiny percentage of their brains.

Research Facts

Part 1

Fact 1: Panthers are not a species but rather leopards (among others) who have the genes for dark pigmentation. If you look closely at the fur of a panther, you can see the characteristic leopard rosettes below it.


1. As requested by some of you, here is a list of commonly used Psy designations. (These are by no means all-inclusive.)

Tk – Telekinesis (some are teleportation-capable, others are not)

Character List

The offical Psy/Changeling character list is complete in draft form and will be finalized as soon as I have a chance to go through it once more.



I’m delighted to announce that a reader of the series has set up a Fan Forum where you can talk about my books.

Future Books

Psy-Changeling Trinity #7 (2023)

Psy-Changeling Trinity #8 (2024)

Reader Videos

Links to some great videos readers have made about the Psy/Changeling series, both in English and in German! (The links will take you to the videos on YouTube).

The Psy/Changeling series


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