Guild Hunter Free Stories

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Weapons Training

For those of you unfamiliar with the Guild Hunter series, this story features Galen, Weaponsmaster to the Archangel Raphael, and Jessamy, Historian of the angelic race and teacher of their young.

For Guild Hunter fans, this story takes place during Archangel’s Kiss, after Galen has just completed a training session with Elena.

Fairy Balloons

Talu was a child of Manhattan, a city girl through and through. She’d grown up watching angels sweep across the sky on wings of ivory and starlight and striking blue and deepest black. Sometimes, they went so high they were far beyond the tops of the tallest skyscrapers. Other times, they swerved through the skyscrapers as if they were playing a game with each other that made them laugh and sometimes drop so fast toward the earth that she’d gasp, thinking they were about to crash.

A Walk on the Cliffs

This vignette stands alone, so you can read even if you’ve never read the Guild Hunter series.

For series readers, A Walk on the Cliffs fits into chapter 6 of Archangel’s Shadows. It shows a hidden moment between two characters who help run the household of the Archangel Raphael: Sivya, the angelic chef who runs the kitchen, and Montgomery, the vampire who is Raphael’s butler and who ensures the rest of the staff work together as a seamless unit.

I hope you enjoy!

Secret Things

“You have to go now.”

Andromeda looked up from where she was lying perfectly comfortably in a nest of blankets, reading her book. Cuddled up beside her was the large snow leopard that had somehow managed to climb his way up to the aerie and now refused to leave. She’d have been terrified of the dangerous growling creature if she didn’t live with a dangerous growling creature anyway. “What?”

Coming to crouch down beside her, Naasir scowled. “You have to go.”

A Sip of Eternity

This short story began life as a scene in an early draft of Archangel’s Shadows. It focuses on Dmitri & Honor, so there are no spoilers for the Archangel’s Shadows storyline (however, if you haven’t yet read Archangel’s Blade (Honor and Dmitri’s story), then save this to read later). I hope you enjoy!


Zoe’s Workshop

Spoiler Warning: This short story is set after Archangel’s Legion (Guild Hunter #6), and contains spoilers for that book, so if you haven’t yet read it, save this story to read afterward.

“Zoe’s Workshop” is part of my ongoing series of shorts about the everyday lives of my characters, away from the darkness and intensity of the main storylines. I love visiting with them, and I hope you do, too. 🙂

One Night In The Refuge

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the past, when two of our favorite dangerous angels were just beginning to grow into their wings.

Illium crept down the hallway, freezing in place when he heard movement. But no, his parents were still asleep.

He continued his creeping, trying really hard to keep his wings from making noises by dragging on the floor—only it was so tough! His wings were bigger than his body right now. His father told him he’d grow into them but at the moment, he could only fly a little far before becoming tired.

An Unexpected Guest

Author’s note: If you haven’t read the Guild Hunter series, this story is full of spoilers – but it does stand on its own, so if you don’t mind spoilers, happy reading. For Guild Hunter series readers, this is an incident that was mentioned in Archangel’s Heart but never described.

Elena ran her hand through Raphael’s hair, then across the muscled breadth of his shoulders. “Now, what did I tell you?”

Her consort did that thing he was starting to do—he smiled. Except this smile was more than a little wicked. “Do not be scary,” he said, managing to mimic the stern tone in which she’d given the order.

A Small Fairy Tale

For GH series readers, this story is set after Archangel’s Shadows and contains some spoilers for earlier books in the series.