Deleted Scenes

Beat of Temptation Scenes

Below are two deleted scenes from Beat of Temptation, my contribution to the An Enchanted Season anthology.

Scene 1 was supposed to be a prologue, while scene 2 was originally part of the ending.

Scene 1 didn’t make it into the novella because I decided that with the shorter wordcount, we needed to jump straight into Nate and Tammy’s story, rather than going from the present, to the past.   Plus, I was indulging myself with the other characters and with a novella, you need a much tighter focus.

Scene 2 didn’t make it in because the information–that the pack cared enough to intervene–had already been given. It’s a fun little bit though, so enjoy! Times two!

Miss Leozandra's

This text was originally written as a continuation of  the scene that ended on page 166 of  Caressed by Ice with Brenna saying: “Miss Leozandra’s” to Vaughn.

Why didn’t it make it into the book?  First, there was a small timing issue that meant not everyone who was in the scene could be there, so keep that in mind as you read this. The timeline will not merge perfectly with the book – instead, I’d advise you to read this as a completely separate scene.

Another reason this scene didn’t end up in the book was that I didn’t feel it gave the reader any new information – but it was just so darn fun to write I couldn’t stop myself. I hope you enjoy!

Kiss of Snow scenes

Scene 1: Brenna and Judd

Author’s note: I love the intimacy of this scene, but, I felt the information conveyed here about Sienna had come through in other parts of the book. This scene also offers another glimpse into Judd and Brenna’s relationship, but as they already had one fairly major scene, I decided to delete this one (much as it hurt!).

Heart of Obsidian scenes

Author’s Note: The following two scenes were mentioned in the story, but didn’t slot easily into the final book. I’m very happy to share them here. I hope you enjoy!

Archangel's Storm scenes

“Once,” Jason said, his chest rumbling under her as she lay with her cheek pressed to the warm muscle of him, “when I was smaller—I don’t know how small, I only know I could not see as high as when it all went wrong—my father took me out into the lagoon on a boat he built.”

A Wedding Breakfast

This scene was deleted from an early draft of Archangel’s Storm. It has spoilers for previous books in the series, so if you haven’t yet read those, save this to read later. Also, please note that as this scene was deleted early on, it will no longer fit perfectly into the book’s timeline and/or series continuity. Enjoy it as an unedited outtake, without attempting to link it to the series storyline.

Last Guard deleted scene

Author’s Note: I was going through my files when I found this short snippet that I deleted from Last Guard.

I can’t tell you exactly why it didn’t make it into the book. These are decisions I make while writing – and many times, it has to do with the flow and tempo of a chapter, or of what information is necessary at which moment.

The Shower

This small scene comes from early on in Lucas and Sascha’s relationship, perhaps a couple of months after Slave to Sensation.

The Party

I absolutely love this deleted scene from Branded By Fire! The reason it didn’t make it into the book is that while it’s heaps of fun, the reason for it – to show how close Mercy is to her pack – was something that was already apparent through the rest of the story.

I hope you all enjoy!

Tangle of Need scenes

Scene 1: Mercy and Riley’s News

Author’s note: This scene didn’t make it to the final draft as it didn’t contribute directly to the main storyline, but I think it’s a lot of fun. I adored seeing the whole family together, and I hope you do too!

Shield of Winter scenes

Author’s Note: Sometimes readers ask me why a scene was deleted. It usually has to do with the  rhythm of the overall story—a scene might be awesome on its own, but putting it in would interrupt that rhythm. However, it’s never an easy decision to delete an entire scene, which is why I’m delighted I can share some of them with you.

Archangel's Shadows scenes

Deleted Scene #1

This short scene was deleted from an early draft of the book.

Archangel's War snippets

Author’s Note: I was going through my deleted scenes files for Archangel’s War, and found these fun pieces that I edited out in the final draft. They’re not big enough to be called scenes, but they’re fun to read nonetheless. I hope you enjoy – and of course, SPOILERS ABOUND, so read at your own risk!

Bonus Shield of Winter deleted scene

Author’s Note: I was looking for something to put in the newsletter and found this deleted scene featuring a baby Naya. Our favorite tiny panther and her parents have a role to play in WOLF RAIN, so you’ll see them again in June, but for now, I hope you enjoy this little bite!