The Rock Kiss Series

Series background

The Rock Kiss Series hit the scenes in 2014. A sizzling new contemporary romance series from NYT bestselling author Nalini Singh, it features four friends who met in high school, and became superstars. They might fight, might get pissed with one another at times, but when push comes to shove, they stick together. That sense of family, of friendship, has held them together through all the crap that comes with fame. Each man knows he can rely on the others, no matter what.

Behind the Scenes

Check out this page for photographs from locations mentioned in Rock Addiction and more!

Series list

1. Rock Addiction
1.5. Rock Courtship
2. Rock Hard (Charlie and T-Rex’s book)
3. Rock Redemption
4. Rock Wedding

rock addiction

Rock Addiction
September 2014

Rock Courtship September 2014

Rock Hard
March 2015

Rock Redemption
October 2015

Rock Wedding
July 2016