Archangel's Lineage

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nalini singh archangel's lineage

23 April 2024

  • New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

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Advanced Excerpt #1

Raphael’s wings rose above his shoulders, hers pressed to his body so only the arches were visible, and it was them in the mirror. Two people whose loyalty was set in stone, and whose love was a slumbering inferno, hot and languid, until they wanted it to burn.

She and her archangel, they’d weathered a psychotic archangel, then a megalomaniacal one, a Cascade of fucking Death, and oh, just for fun, a vampiric uprising in the aftermath of a war that had devastated the world.

All of it side by side.

Raphael traced the line of the body art in the opposite direction, then slid his finger back down with luxurious intent, his eyes heavy-lidded as he caressed her.

“I’ll stab you if you don’t stop that.” She glared. “I have to put on my stupid be-polite-to-the-grand-pooh-bahs face. Stop distracting me with thoughts of nakedness if you’re not going to pay up.”

His grin was wicked and young and one very few people ever saw. “I’ll remind you that I am one of the grand pooh-bahs.”

Shifting her wing out of the way, she elbowed him in that rock hard stomach, then pressed in with a blade without breaking the skin. “Right now, Mr. Grand Pooh-bah Raphael, you’re barely dressed. We’ll be late if you don’t get a move on—and I will absolutely stab you if we have to stay later to make up the time.”

His grin didn’t alter as he drew back, his mood making her thighs clench. The urge to jump onto him, lock her legs around that delicious body, and put his hand properly on her breast while she kissed the life out of him made her mouth water and her pulse race.

“So bloodthirsty.” Hot blue, his eyes made her a promise dark and decadent even as he kept his words light. “Truly, a woman I adore.”

She watched him move to the wardrobe where the staff who ran their Refuge stronghold had hung up the formal leathers he planned to wear tonight. He’d already put on the black pants, now pulled on the sleeveless black top that showcased his toned biceps and those forearms that made her want to bite him.

Down, Elena, she told herself. Save that for when you have lots of time.

Copyright © 2023 by Nalini Singh

Advanced Excerpt #2

Decision made, Raphael took a bare quarter of an hour to shower and dress in leathers more suitable for a long flight. His consort met him on the very edge of the gorge—where a squadron of scholars with furrowed brows and weary eyes were taking readings using modern equipment; for now, the inner aeries would stay vacant as Zanaya had suggested, the risk too high.

“Fly safe, Archangel.” Elena, her eyelashes flecked with dust and her leathers gone a muddy shade from the same, slid her hand around to his nape. “And don’t kill Aegaeon.”

“I can’t,” Raphael said, spreading out his wings in a show of white gold that glittered in the mountain sunshine. “Unfortunately, we need all eight of us.”

He made a face. “At least we do not fly together. He didn’t make that suggestion and neither did I. We simply agreed to leave at this time. If we see each other during the journey, no doubt we’ll pretend we didn’t and continue on.”

He kissed her and it was fire in her blood and an eternity of need and passion and love.

Knhebek, hbeebti,” he said when their lips parted, her warrior archangel with eyes as blue as crushed sapphires and determination stamped onto his bones.

Stepping back, a sudden devil-may-care grin on his face . . . he dropped backward off the cliff into the gorge. Sleep soon, Guild Hunter. You are tired. His voice was the sea crashing into her mind, a familiar wildness, before he turned and began to rise high into the sky in readiness for his long flight.

Elena didn’t like the thinner air on the edge of the sky, but Raphael’s lungs weren’t like hers. She might be immortal, but she was no archangel.

I will, she promised, but it was a promise she was destined to break because ten minutes after Raphael vanished over the horizon, a breathless angelic youth landed next to her with a message.

The fair-haired boy with red cheeks was around sixteen in human terms, which made him old enough to have been permitted to help in the aftermath of the quake. “Consort.” His chest heaved as he gulped in air, but the boy somehow managed to keep his wings from drooping. “There is a message from your home. The sire’s second has marked it as urgent.”

Face chilling, Elena took the folded piece of paper he held out. The message must’ve come through the network used only for the Refuge. It had taken Elena time to work out that the Refuge network was a “ghost” system that lay below the interconnected one used by the vast majority of people around the world.

Any wires or other devices were buried underground or placed in locations angelkind alone could reach. The system was also constantly monitored by a small and dedicated team to ensure any accidental incursions were nudged away or otherwise dealt with in ways that roused no suspicions.

“Incursions are rare,” Illium had told her when he’d explained the system he’d helped put in place when the technology first became viable, and which he still helped upgrade as needed. “The technical stuff will bore you, but think of our network as a shadow so deep and dark that it becomes invisible.”

There was talk of upgrading the system to a satellite-based one, but obviously people could see satellites, so it’d need to be attached to some other more obvious purpose. And none of that mattered as Elena undid the seal that told her the message had been taken by their senior steward, Yana, then handed to the young courier.

It was short and to the point: Elena, your father has suffered a serious heart attack. He’s in critical condition in the ICU. Your stepmother has requested you return home. The jet will be ready for you as soon as you can make it to the airfield.

Elena’s mind buzzed with silence, an echoing void that gave her the distance to make rapid-fire decisions. “Thank you,” she said to the boy who’d brought the message. “No return message yet.” She’d send it directly herself.

The boy nodded and stepped back to take off. Even so young, vertical flight was effortless for him; it was a wonder she’d never take for granted. But even as her panicked mind wanted to snag on the sight of an angel in flight, she was moving, her own throbbing wing thrust to the back of her awareness.

The first thing she did was find one of their senior people—it happened to be Naasir.

His shaggy silver hair tied back, he was shirtless, his skin slick with sweat as he helped cart dangerous debris off to an area where it wouldn’t be a threat to the residents of the Refuge.

When she told him what had happened, he said, “Go. I’ll tell the others.”

Numb, she looked around at the devastation. “There’s so much to do here.”

“He is your father, Ellie. I would do the same if it were Dmitri or Honor hurt.” He tilted his chin at the sky. “We’re awash in strong angels who came for the ball. The physical work will be done in a matter of days and you’re puny anyway.”

She knew from the way he cupped her face with one big hand on that last that he was attempting to lighten her guilt. It worked. Because he was right. In the overall scheme of things, she was puny.

“Will you say goodbye to Sam and the other children? I won’t have time.” She knew the children adored Naasir—even if he did growl at them when he caught them doing mischief.
They saw and loved the primal creature inside him in a way many adults didn’t.

“Yes,” he promised before wrapping her in his arms and rubbing the side of his face against hers. “You are your father’s cub. Go. He will want you by his side.”

Her numbness threatened to crack, her eyes burning. Jerking away on a nod, she headed to their stronghold, which had survived unscathed for the most part. Normally, she’d fly to the airfield, but with her wing injured, she asked Yana—small and fast and dazzlingly smart—to arrange other transport.

It ended up being a truck with an enclosed cab designed for angelic comfort, her driver a five-hundred-year-old vampire who’d grown up in the region in which the Refuge was based.

He drove like he was part mountain goat.

At any other time, she would’ve bantered with him about his lack of fear and insane reflexes, but this trip passed in silence.

He got her to the airfield in half the time it would’ve taken anyone else.

“Thank you,” she managed.

Thick beard gleaming in the early evening light, he bowed from the waist. “It is my honor, Consort.”

She was in her seat in the jet soon afterward when she realized she had a faint signal. Deciding to take advantage of it before they got in the air, she messaged Dmitri: Any change in his condition?

The response was so long in coming that her blood seized, her heart cold.

Dmitri’s belated reply told her she’d been right to worry: He stopped breathing during emergency surgery. They’ve got him back, but no one will know his full status until he comes out of the operating room.

Her fingers clenched on her phone.

A crack of sound, the damage a faint spiderweb across the screen.

Copyright © 2024 by Nalini Singh

“Lineage is a fast-paced ride that introduces new elements and characters while honoring the old, holds humor and/or heart on every page, puts different perspectives on the things we thought we knew, and comes together in an ending that kept me reading way past my bedtime, made my heart race and my blood rush, and sent tears streaming down my face.”

~Beth C. (Goodreads)

“Fast paced, the story keeps you on your toes along with the emotional impact of family, friendships, and love.”

~The Good, The Bad and The Unread

“ARCHANGEL’S LINEAGE is a story of power and control, betrayal and vengeance, desperation and devotion, love and acceptance, family and love. The premise is dramatic, detailed, intricate and impassioned; the romance is heated and sentimental; the characters are compelling, authoritative, and dynamic.”

~Sandy S. (Goodreads)

“Singh’s words are like poetry, painting a beautiful picture for readers to enjoy. The narration flows like water, making it easy to read. Everything feels so effortless when you step back into this world of angels and vampires. I already can’t wait for the next one.”

~Annie T. (Fresh Fiction)

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Guild Hunter Novellas

1. Angels’ Pawn (available as an e-book on its own, and also as part of Angels’ Flight)
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Book 16: the Guild Hunter series

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s dangerous and beautiful world of archangels, vampires, and mortals has never faced a threat this cataclysmic…

Raphael and Elena are experiencing their first ever year of true peace. No war. No horrors of archangelic power. No nightmares given flesh. Until…the earth beneath the Refuge begins to tremble, endangering not only angelkind’s precious and fragile young, but the very place that has held their most innocent safe for eons.

Amid the chaos, Elena’s father suffers a violent heart attack that threatens to extinguish their last chance to heal the bonds between them and make sense of the ruins of their agonizing shared history.

Even as Elena battles grief, Raphael is torn from her side by the sudden disappearance of an archangel. But worse yet is to come. An Ancestor, an angel unlike any other, stirs from his Sleep to warn the Cadre of a darkness so terrible that it causes empires to fall and civilizations to vanish.

This time, even the Cadre itself may not be able to stop a ticking clock that is counting down at frightening speed…

The Guild Hunter series