Behind the Scenes: the Guild Hunter Series

(Updated February 2017)

A dark new world where lethal, beautiful archangels hold sway over immortals and mortals both, with the Guild Hunters caught in between, tasked with retrieving those vampires who break contracts with their angelic masters.


All the novellas were written to stand alone, so you can pick them up at any stage in the series.

Collected Novellas
All four Guild Hunter novellas to date now available in a single volume – Angels’ Flight.


1. Will Elena and Raphael get another book or is their story finished?

Elena and Raphael will return as main characters in a future book.

2. How many books will there be in the series?


For Fun

“Looking for photos of the forts that inspired ARCHANGEL FORT in Archangel’s Storm? Click here! There were so many great photos, we decided to set up a separate page for them. I hope you enjoy!” ~ Nalini

The Book Smugglers interview with Elena
Wicked Scribes’ character list
Immortal Insider Magazine Interview with Venom

Reader Videos

Links to some great Youtube videos that readers have made about the Guild Hunter series, both in English and in German!

Video by Crimsonfrosst
Video by SynergyAja
Video by doris020
Video by Tabithakat64

(If you’ve created a video or done art based on the series, send me the link.)


The Guild Hunter series





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